Thursday, December 29, 2011


Screw Iran
As I was reading an article on Drudge earlier today regarding how the West was going to "tighten" the sanctions on Iran, (for the tenth time at least), it got me to thinking about how we do some pretty important things by degrees, instead of at 100% from the outset.  
For instance, as big of as*holes as the Iranians have been and continue to be, it boggles my mind that there is still room to further "tighten" these sanctions.  Why don't we start with 100%, the tightest and most stringent sanctions possible, then let up a little if they cooperate?  Doesn't it seem idiotic to start easy, then SLOWLY try to turn the screws?  I can't say I know what the most complete sanctions would be but, I would bet that if we had fully and totally nailed them from the beginning, we would have some positive results by now.  Time to cut the sh*t and step on their throats! 
I've noticed that politics isn't the only thing we do like this.  I've even seen in in advertisements.  I recently saw one for Lasix Eye Surgery that indicated you could have a good, better, or best procedure.  Now am I the only fool that thinks if I were ever to have this operation, I wasn't going for the cheaper one?  It seems nuts to me but, I guess that's how we do things in America nowadays.  It may be OK to do it when you are buying a microwave or tickets to a show but, I think some things are best done full throttle from the get go.  Of course, I know I'm full of sh*t on this, just ask the Cubans.

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