Saturday, December 3, 2011


44 got to be kidding
It was all the way back in 1967 that Christian Barnard performed the first human to human Heart Transplant.  As a teenager I can distinctly remember when I first heard this and how much in awe I was that something like that was even possible.  I can even recall the name of the patient as a Louis Washkansky.  It just makes me think of all those things we were going through back then and how these world-changing events affected us all, and myself in particular.  The awe of events like this, the moon landing, space flight in general, the 1968 Olympics or even the Democratic Convention still resonate with me.  Maybe that is something that is missing today.  I don't think folks, especially kids are awed by much at all.  Nothing seems big enough, important enough or interesting enough to have that kind of effect on people.  Even the tremendous technological advancements, the modern space program or a nuclear catastrophe in Japan seem to generate any long term interest or impact young people.  I think it' sad, mainly because I remember with fondness how much those awe inspiring events and people impacted and shaped my youth.  I guess it's just another example that proves you can't go back. 
I'm finding that one of the blessings of getting older is the reflection and recollections that one can make about the past.  Maybe I'm full of sh*t but, I'm seeing most of it with rose colored glasses.  Well, "Here's looking at you kid."

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