Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FACEBOOK TWITTER THIS...(Visualize Middle Finger in the Air)

What the hell is going on around here?  Why suddenly do I have to sign up for anything and everything by going though Facebook or Twitter or some other social media site?   If I want to enter a contest, print out a coupon, contact a radio station, fill out a survey, sign up for tickets,  send a letter to a politician, you name it,  it seems like everybody wants to force me to a Facebook, Twitter or some other impersonal and public page where everyone can see my private communication?   
I listen to talk radio a lot and now all the hosts take five minutes each hour to tell me all the different ways I can use to contact them.  They give me Facebook page addresses, Twitter Account addresses, Email addresses, 800 phone numbers, local phone numbers, text phone numbers, you name it.  By the time they get though it all, I've lost interest in the show.  Hey, and the best part of me staying away from this crap is now the government is going to monitor it all.  I understand the Library of Congress is going to collect all the Tweets ever tweeted. (Who the F**k came up with that stupid word anyway?)                                          Damn, that George Orwell was truly a prophet.
I guess it's part of the insanity of living in the modern world.  I know I have to deal with it but, I don't have to like it!                                                                          Remember when we used to think that America would be brought to its knees by Soviet Nuclear Missiles?  Now all someone has to do is shut off the electricity.   Good thing the terrorists don't know that!

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