Thursday, January 19, 2012


Make Your Own Caption
1.  The doubling of gasoline prices since you came into office

2.  Allowing weapons to get into the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels

3.  Appointing Judicial Activists to the Supreme Court

4.  Increasing the dependance on food stamps, welfare and continuing to allow minorities no advancement from their situation

5.  Higher unemployment instead of jobs for all regardless of race or ethnic background

6.  Continued Constitutional violations and abuses of power such as illegal recess appointments and the appointment of Czars 

7.  Making a joke of the electoral process by failing to produce a legitimate, unarguable copy of your birth certificate

8.  Hiding all your past records and background information to the best of your ability

9.   Some of the most unqualified Cabinet appointments in  U.S. History

10.  Solyandra and the other scandals you have and continue to perpetrate on America

11.  Your family's constant and extravagant vacations

12.  Trying to close Gitmo and bring terrorists to the U.S. mainland for trial with U.S. Constitutional protections

13.  Continuing to spend the nation into oblivion , seeking debt ceiling raises and increasing the national debt more in three years than all previous presidents combined.

14.  Bowing down to known terrorists and enemies of our country.

15.  Continuing to blame previous presidents for your failures.

16.  Presiding over the most pitiful job growth and job creation in our history

17.  Putting politics and your own good over that of the nation

18.  Decrying the evils of capitalism while promoting socialist policies

19.  Providing little or no leadership at every critical juncture

20.   Introducing us to your friends, Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky, and Chicago style politics

21.  Promoting class warfare at every opportunity

22.  Taking on a job for which you are woefully unprepared and for proving it on a daily basis

23.  Making truth and commitments optional 

24.  Showing that there were still as many stupid American voters in 2008 as there were in 1976

25.  Using race as a crutch at every opportunity and pretending you are the first black man to be President when you are not

26.  Decrying everything Bush did but, continuing many of his policies and failing to admit to it

27.   Being so good at bamboozling the mindless dimwits with your rhetoric

28.  Making the teleprompter the most important tool of your office

29.  Paying minimal respect to our nation's traditions, documents, icons, flag and history

30.  Waking up the sleeping majority of Americans AND by the way THANKS FOR NOTHING

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