Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Find Another Target
I've been reading quite a bit lately on the number of ways our freedoms are slowly being eroded.  Some of the articles discussed various ways government agencies and the larger website are monitoring the internet, including blogs and other websites.  
So I thought it might be nice to post a shout out to any monitor who might stumble onto my humble little exercise in free speech which I call, Paladin's Square.  Let me assure you (other than my wits) I am unarmed and plan no physical harm to anyone nor am I plotting to overthrow the government.  Now if my wit happens to be too sharp, or perhaps cuts someone in a verbal barrage of wittiness, well ........sorry.  Now that you've peeked here and found out that I am quite harmless, you can take your mouse, click it and move along to the next blog to see if you can catch that elusive and dangerous terrorist.  SO......MOVE ALONG ......GOODBYE...GIT!

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