Sunday, January 8, 2012


Listening to talk radio can be difficult at times.  It's surprising how many show hosts are so full of themselves, pompous and arrogant, that it isn't even funny.  I'm not only referring to national show hosts but, local ones especially.  They urge people to call in and then when you do, you are cut off, talked over or made the fool, especially if you don't agree with the host's point of view.  
As, I'm sitting here typing I'm getting a full taste of this, as I have the radio on our local sports talk station. 
Tonight is a tough one Pittsburgh's  local radio stations,  because the Steelers lost their playoff game and as a result,  many mindless fools are calling in and whining, bitching and moaning about the loss.  I can't help but think how much better our country would be if these people would put as much energy into caring what is happening in the country, as they do about how their football team is doing.  Don't misunderstand, I do enjoy sports but, I make an effort to keep it in perspective and not have it at the forefront of my life.  Distractions are OK but, when the distraction becomes one's focus, it is a problem.  Rumor has it that in these parts after a big loss like today, the police will keep an extra eye on the local bridges looking for jumpers. 
I could never understand why so many people call in and thank the host for taking their call.  Isn't that what the host's job is?  If the host didn't take your call, he wouldn't have a show.  
Sports and other talk shows all have there place and there isn't anything wrong with diversions from the daily monotony but, we need to focus more on priorities.  All of this just serves as another way to keep the majority of Americans from paying attention to the "man behind the curtain," and how they are manipulating us.   

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