Saturday, January 14, 2012


Fantasy No More
Time and time again we keep seeing concrete examples to show that George Orwell's book, 1984,  may have been the most visionary book ever written.  I think it's about time he be recognized.  A lot of comments and references are made to this book, which was taught for years as a fantasy but, has morphed into a pretty classic non-fiction story.  Some might even say it could be used as a blueprint for awareness of how governments can go bad.  Funny how I've been thinking this for a long time but, never really took the time to mention it anywhere until I stumbled on this article.

This pretty much seals the deal for me.  If any "sane" person out there still exists that doesn't believe government and its tentacles are spreading faster than ever and further than ever, then he or she must be blind or fools or both!

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