Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had a crazy thought a while back.  One of many and I've noticed an increase in their frequency as well.  But anyway, why not share out here on the world wide web and give others the ability to share my insanity.
My thought was pretty simple.  What if millions of us regular America loving folks all came to together here on the WWW and agreed to just go to Washington and start banging on the doors and windows of the Capitol?  Now doesn't that paint a crazy picture in your head.  Millions of Americans all walking down the streets of DC with the intent and purpose to go and bang on the windows at the Capitol to throw a scare into our (mostly) useless politicians and all their cohorts?  
I'm talking about a park your car in Maryland or Virginia if you have to and start walking kind of mass conflagration of Americans (no pitchforks) paying our "servants" a hello, how you doing, kind of visit.   Of course my thought goes in two different directions.  One, I see all of us filling up the city streets and banging on those windows and peeking in and waving to our friends inside and they all come out and say "OK we're going to get down to business and straighten this country once and for all."  
Two, I see us getting to the outskirts of the city and being mowed down on the orders of those very same elected officials, just like those poor Syrians.  If I was a betting man, I put my money on scenario number two.

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