Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Pretend for just a moment that the American Media was actually independent and objective.  Quite a fantasy, I know.  But, just think of it, the media reporting the truth all the time, 24/7.  What a better place this would be.  Imagine an America where the opinions of those in the media were labeled as such, kept on the Editorial Page and not interspersed in the middle of news stories in order to create an outcome of some kind.  I've forgotten what that is like. 
There are so many in the media that seek to create an outcome by what they report as a news story, how they report it, or when and if they report it.  If it serves their purpose, facts are included or left out.  They may be embellished or downplayed, depending on their value in making us, "see things the way the reporter wants us to." 
Some in the media report events as fact, even before they are corroborated.  Many reporters do little if any research and are selective in what is left out of a report and what is included.  They have become master manipulators of public opinion, and many outlets have become nothing more than  arms of one political party or the other.  It appears that in many cases reporters have an agenda, and as a result, use their positions to promote that agenda.  
It is very easy to get away with most of these indiscretions when you have a large segment of the population who is not interested in following events or having opinions of their own.  They are content to simply parrot what they hear on a network newscast or read in a slanted newspaper.   America's media wasn't always like this, in fact, once upon a time, they were the guardians of freedom.  No more!  Their demise has been a long, slow and arduous one and it appears the last gasp of objectivity is about to be expelled.    RIP

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