Thursday, November 17, 2011


Almost daily I find myself developing such a negative impression about what is going on in this country that I'm becoming more and more convinced that things around  here are becoming hopeless. When I say hopeless I don't mean a little hopeless, I mean End of the Roman Empire hopeless.   Every day as I read the stories, newspapers, watch the TV news and listen to the radio talk shows, I get a stronger feeling of this hopelessness in our nation's ability to overcome all (or even some) of  that which is before us.
From the Solyandra Scandal, the OWS protests, Congressional insider trading scandal,  the multifaceted Obamacare debacle, the Penn State mess, the insanity of allowing illegal immigration, mandated diversity and political correctness, Welfare and Social Security corruption, the Economic collapse and everything else in between
It's getting next to impossible to have any faith that problems can be solved.  What are the options?  There really aren't many, other than to wage this fight we are in, perpetually. A never ending struggle carried out on a treadmill. .  It seems to me that our only option is to win.  To set this nation straight and get it back on track but, I'm more convinced then ever that that will never happen.   Of course losing is not an option but, neither is the ongoing draw we seem to have.  In my estimation a draw is a loss for our side. We can't have sanity winning half the time and be happy about it.  The other side does not face this dilemma.  They are much happier with the status quo then we could ever be.  How can we hope to resolve problems arithmetically when they seem to be growing exponentially?
  Is there any hope of getting America back to what it was?  Back to all the things that made this nation great?  In my mind, it's not likely.  Any hope you can provide is appreciated.

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