Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Resurrecting Civil Defense
As I tool around the web, I am finding more examples of serious concern about the future of the country and the ability of the federal government to handle an impending crisis.  This one showed up today and, in my opinion makes the case that if nothing else, there is a great deal of concern, by some government officials about the country's future.  I'm not clear on why landlocked Wyoming wants an aircraft carrier but, the thought that they think they need one, is a bit worrisome. 
Based on all the dangerous things happening in the world today and the potential threats to the stability of the nation, as well as the fact that we don't have decisive leadership in the White House, it might not be a bad idea to clean out those old Cold War Civil Defense Shelters.   
There are plenty of other reminders out there, including some we may have forgotten.  or others we remember more clearly.  Perhaps we are headed "back to the future," so to speak but, I must admit, as I get older, the thought of global annihilation, perhaps in the form of thermonuclear war, meteorite collision, sunspot eruption, or by the idiocy of continued political stupidity (my vote for most likely), is in an odd way, somewhat appealing.  
The thought of zapping off to eternity with all my friends and family together, as well as the pleasure of knowing that all those I consider evil, stupid, etc., vaporizing as well, gives me some form of bizarre solace.  Call me crazy but, even though I would be gone, it's nice to know that nincompoops like these will be gone too.  

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