Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Attention Hartford Current
Every day there are more and more examples of the reduction of basic Constitutional Rights in this country and this is just another example.  Sometimes when you tell the truth about something and the bleeding hearts don't approve, you are expected to mince your words (and risk not making the impression you hoped to) or simply, not state your views at all.  
Evidently, the mayor of New Haven takes it upon himself to be the filter that the Hartford Current Newspaper runs through.  Apparently, the goodly mayor took issue with cartoonist Bob Englehart's work in a recent edition of the paper.
It's not permitted to say how horribly the inner city schools are doing up there (and everywhere else for that matter) or to say it using some strong, unkind words in doing so.  
As usual, when liberals don't like the message (or the way it's stated) you silence the individual who dared utter the dirty truth.  The main objective is not to solve the problem or tackle an unpleasant issue.  Better we kill the messenger as the liberals prefer.
If I was Mr. Englehart, I don't apologize and in fact tell the mayor where to shove his.  But, of course that is easy for me to say, since it's not my job in the balance.  Here we have another example of the gutless, fourth estate and it's managers, fearing to back up the truth and the Constitutional Right of their employee to state his views in the words he chooses.
At the end of the day, the inner-city schools of Hartford will still suck for the reasons he so in-eloquently stated.  The status-quo preserved for another generation of failure in Hartford/New Haven.

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