Thursday, September 9, 2010


Is it possible for our illustrious Governor, Ed Rendell to go one full day without proposing some sort of new tax.  His most recent efforts are involving ways to tax the Marcellus Shale extraction in the state.  This is all this guy knows how to do.  I understand the need for the state to find revenue and I'm not against some kind of tax on this new up and coming resource (on a talk show today an expert predicted that PA will become the Saudi Arabia of this natural gas deposit) but, it's just so sickening to watch this man run around the state constantly proposing taxes.  Thank god the end of this most corrupt and backward administration is coming to an end.  Hopefully, the people will elect Tom Corbett, a Republican, to give us a break from the taxinator and his party.  After watching video of Governor Christy in New Jersey, I can see that it is possible to have a sane realist in office who is looking to cut first and tax second, instead of the other way around. 

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