Saturday, September 25, 2010


After reading and watching the news over the past few weeks and observing the justice that Paris Hilton and Lyndsay Lohan get, I've decided I want the same kind of justice those two are getting.  It seems that no matter what  offenses they commit, they are out on the street again in just hours or days.  You can't tell me in any way shape or form, that it is the same justice that most of the rest of us would get in the same situation.  It is an absolute disgraceful joke and shows you how rules and laws are applied differently in this country based on the level of one's wealth or celebrity.  Any one with a brain knows that Lohan is headed on the fast track to the morgue.  It's only a matter of time.  As to that other arrogant goof, Hilton, she may not be dead as fast as Lohan but, she probably won't be far behind.  Of course they both may surprise me and keep going for a long time since they both can always land on large pile of money. 

It is extremely disturbing to know that so many young people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan so that morons like these two can jet-set around the world, use drugs at will and thumb their noses at the rule of law.  The only way to correct this garbage is for people to stop kowtowing to and drooling over these horrendous celebrities.

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