Monday, September 20, 2010


OK what kind of Idiot would take a walk along a border between two countries like Iraq and Iran?  I guess we are supposed to be happy that one of the three morons who did exactly that has been released from an Iranian jail.  Evidently, that's what happened today as one of three "hikers" was released by Iran.
I'm sorry but, I have no pity on anyone stupid enough to be hiking in that area at all.  I don't care if you were in Iraqi territory or not.  That is not the point.  To me the point is you were stupid enough to be walking in an area within 100 miles of the Iranian border, giving what we know about the situation there.  It's as bad as riding a pogo stick on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  There is a good chance you are going to get what you deserve.  It's one thing to be falsely imprisoned but, it is entirely another to be imprisoned because of your own stupidity.  Next time you want to live dangerously, take a walk in downtown night............with hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.  Fools!

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