Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm having a hard time deciding if we really have as many rights and freedoms in this country as many might believe.  I know I always hear references to them in situations such as a town council meeting or read them in an editorial in the local paper.  Sometimes I hear people make references to them such as; "I have a right to my opinion," or  "It's a Free Country," or the like. 
But, in reality as I read the news and see and hear the events going on around me, I'm not really so sure that these so called "Rights" really exist.  Are they perhaps a figment of my imagination or some left over, deeply ingrained thoughts from my youth?  I know I used to learn about them and I used to really be a true believer in their existence but, the reality of what I am seeing makes me question they exist at all.  I'm seeing dissent quashed, even on a local level,  I'm seeing the total denial of facts by people who only want things done their way, or who ignore them to accomplish selfish goals.  I'm seeing people intimated at polling places, harassed at peaceful protests and even being physically assaulted in the process of exercising their so called rights.  I'm seeing a President and Administration ignore the Constitution on a daily basis and a Congress that does the same.  I'm seeing votes of the majority overturned by one person.  I'm hearing of legal permits being denied to people based on political beliefs.  I'm seeing so many things, in so many forms that really make me question whether there really are any rights for some folks.  

Maybe it's my fault for the way I look at things?  I've always been an all or nothing type of person.  I don't think you can do a part of anything and expect that it counts.  You can't run half a race and say you ran the race at all.  You can't watch part of a game then say you watched the game because you didn't.  You only did part.  The same holds true in my mind with the Constitution.  You can't follow part of it or just follow it sometimes then, claim you have ALL the rights and freedoms because you don't.  Anytime that one person or group is denied use of their Constitutional Rights or anytime our government fails to enforce part of it, or ignores part of it, for political reasons, they have made the entire thing non-existent.  It's all or nothing on this.

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