Sunday, June 17, 2012


Voter intimidation, fraud, violence, weapons at polling places, the long dead still voting, misplaced ballots, people voting multiple times...........  OK, I know what your thinking but, you are wrong, it's not the USA this time but, Egypt.
With Mubarak gone, a "free election" is being held in Egypt for the first time.  Wink-wink, nod-nod, FREE ELECTION you say.  How can that be?   The choice between a former Mubarak crony or an Islamist isn't exactly shaping up as the kind of democratic election everyone was hoping for.  Yea it may include voting but, if you think people voting automatically equates to a democratic election, then you are mistaken.
Evidently, you haven't learned your lessons from the election of 2008.  The claims listed above are the same exact ones we keep hearing about our own elections, most recently, that one .  And much like the Egyptian people we were forced to chose between a terrible choice or a lousy one.  Not much to get excited about when your best options were McCain or Obama.  Like the Egyptians, many of us voted for the lesser of two evils.  We voted, not for a guy to win, we voted for another guy not to win.  Doesn't seem like a good system, now does it?  
If this is the type of democracy or system of government we want to impose on the rest of the world when we say we are fighting wars to "Spread Democracy and Freedom" maybe those folks would be better off without our interference? 

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