Saturday, June 9, 2012


Are there any more possible ways to demonstrate to any sane person how pathetic and out of touch this president is, than what we heard yesterday right from the horses mouth?   When Obama shocked most many Americans by saying that the private sector was fine, he really went over the top.  This idiotic statement from a man many profess to be the second coming,  a Harvard graduate, a former U.S. Senator, sadly brings to light what a pitiful, horrible excuse for a president we have.  I'm at a loss to understand how he can even get one vote let alone millions.   It just shows how many stupid, gullible and misinformed people there are running around in the country.  
The list of this guy's gaffes is growing exponentially and his continuing demonstrations of poor judgement and leadership are now such a common occurrence as to be barely noticed.  In fact they are expected.  In other words, his errors are so common so as to appear normal.
One can only hope that November will bring about the change we truly need and that is the removal from office of Mr. Soetoro and his cronies before their corruption and ineptness destroy what is left of this country.  
It appears our options are to go with Mitt Romney who may or may not be the best candidate or re-elect this guy who is so in over his head it isn't even funny.  Personally, I'm for Romney mainly because he's NOT Obama.  
Trust me, I understand there are really lousy politicians from all sides of the aisle but, for a President of the USA to be this bad......... well that is, pretty noticeable.  

I'm enclosing a link to an article on  I'm just putting it out there for discussion and not necessarily because I believe it is all the gospel.  Makes you think for sure though.   

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