Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Does this mean anything?
As our nation continues its decline into chaos, there are so many failing aspects of our society to point out, that it has become nearly impossible to keep up.  Much has been written about the demise of the family, which may be the basis for all other catastrophic "fails" we are experiencing in America today.  Then , of course, there is the failure of marriage, the slow collapse of religious institutions, the tanking economy, our decreasing standard of living,  the increasing hold that drugs have on so many people and of course the dumbing down of our educational institutions, among others.
Education had long been the one area of our society that offered hope to those trying to stem the tide of collapse in all the other areas listed above.   Education was the one great hope of improving one's life.  A place where ideas could be freely exchanged and improvements made. Where learning and creativity were nurtured and developed.   The great equalizer if you will.
Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.  Our educational system has been broken for a number of years now.  Instead of teaching independence and self reliance, history and national pride,  students are taught to be a cog in the community wheel, to be dependent and thankful for all that government "gives" them and to be a part of the "new world order."  One thing is for sure many public schools are failing. (Be sure to view the 11 min. video)  They are failing the parents, they are failing the taxpayers, they are failing the country and, worst of all, they are failing the students.   If that isn't enough, schools with their main focus on passing standardized tests and on their student's always having the right answer, are killing creativity.   Shouldn't that be the very thing they are trying to foster? 
Too many liberal driven public schools are in the tank.  They are robot farms,  building automatons, the mindless drones to carry on the work of the collective, for the good of the few.  
What is the answer?  Eliminate all public schools?  Fully fund private schools or charter schools?  Home schooling?  Truthfully, all can work or none can work.  The trick is to have involved parents who care that their kids are learning. It's not so much the vehicle it's delivered by, but rather, having a good driver.  Focus on that and the rest will take care of itself.                                                                                                                            

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