Friday, October 29, 2010


With all the violence that is going on south of the border, I'm wondering how much of an idiot someone has to be to take their family anywhere in that country for a vacation.  There have been numerous incidents of massacres, shooting and beheadings in Mexico since the explosion of the drug war a few years back.  Yet I hear friends and strangers talk of going to various places in that country for vacation.  To me it's like going to North Korea or Iran, I would never do it for any amount of money.  It appears that our government, likes to pretend that the violence in Mexico is controlled and only occurs in very specific locations that vacationers can easily avoid.  What a joke!  The truth is the violence there is spreading and will only get worse in the future, not only in Mexico but, in some U.S. cities north of the Rio Grande.  You can keep your Punta Cana,  Yucatan Peninsula and all the rest.  If I want to go on an international vacation I think I will go to Canada, Ireland or someplace a bit safer. 

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