Monday, October 4, 2010


Don't fear the legislators, fear the regulators.  The EPA is an example of an agency that plans to make policy if the liberal Congress is unable to enact it legally in Washington.  It is an example of how an agency can circumvent the Constitution by unilaterally enacting regulations that put into force rules that the majority of Americans do not want.  For example, if climate change laws don't pass Congress, the EPA can put in place very similar "rules" which many believe will cost tens of thousands of jobs.  It is very disturbing to know that this kind of violation, even has a remote chance of happening.  Agencies like the EPA should not have the authority to impose any long term regulations on America.  There is one in the works at this time where they (the EPA) wish to add regulations regarding how boilers work.  I'm referring to boilers that might appear is large factories or hotels or stores.  Based on their proposal, many companies would have to totally replace existing boilers, which would cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.  This kind of situation would be an untold hardship on many employers or owners and in the long term would cost jobs in this country.  
The EPA is only one example.  Other agencies will be trying to do the same thing.  Let your Senators know that you oppose this kind of backdoor activity by any government agency and that you prefer all laws be made by the voting of elected legislative bodies and not by unelected bureaucrats.

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