Thursday, October 28, 2010


Initially, my feeling is to vote against all incumbents in office longer than two terms for a Senator or 12 years for a member of the House.  This amounts to the same amount of time because the Senate has six year terms while the House has two year terms.  
After seeing the damage done by long term incumbents of both parties, I think is is essential that we vote against any how try to remain in power longer than 12 years. 
Unfortunately, there will be some good people that will  have to go under this plan but, looking at he big picture, it is better for the country to limit time in office even if the person is doing well.  There is just too much power built up be some of these long time office holders much to the detriment of the country.  
I don't think any of them will favor term limits enough to pass legislation to make it law so they need a push by the voters to get out.  This coming election, take a long look at the candidates running in your region and if they have been in too long, then vote for the other guy regardless of political party. 

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