Monday, May 10, 2010


Well it's campaign time and the crooks, liars and thieves are out in full force with their campaign ads running 24/7.   It is revolting to watch on a daily basis the number of these ads which don't tell us how the candidate will help correct the many ills in America.  Rather, we are subjected to ads which tear apart the other guy and dwell on creating a negative image of one's opponent.  The rest of the ads are such Bullshit that it is almost pathetic to watch.  We hear these morons say, "I will create jobs," as if a politician can create anything or, they say that the incumbent has served us for 30 years and we need to give him another six.  Really?  If you've been in office for thirty years (ex; Arlen Specter) and the country is this F**ked up, you've had you chance as far as I'm concerned.  Just because an uninformed and uncaring electorate put you back multiple times, doesn't mean you deserve to be reelected.  In fact, our only hope is to vote out these career politicians who come out of their hole  every election cycle, lie to us, make idiotic, unrealistic promises then slither away till the next election and do it all over again.  If we don't soon get a grip on this process and stop allowing the same people in office for decades there is a pretty good chance we will destroy this great nation. 

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