Monday, May 3, 2010


The cluster f**k that has become life in America continues.   Apparently, we are not permitted by the left wing whack jobs to defend our own national borders.  We are fast becoming a nation divided as the politicians allow our country to be over run with illegal immigrants and others who do not care to blend in to American Society.   What amazes me is how a supposed American citizen can become so unpatriotic and uncaring toward our nation and culture.  Those far left liberals and in some cases those on the far right wing, really do no good for our country.  Why would any caring true American want his country to be overrun by people who are not here legally.  In all prior periods of U.S. History, immigrants came from all parts of the world and were welcomed into our society because their goal was to become an American.  Unfortunately, many of today's immigrants want to retain their old culture and language and just want the benefits of being Americans.  
We are on the path to national suicide and the left wingers have no shame in helping lead us there.  If you want to stand up for your country and expect people to follow the rules that have been observed for over 200 years, then you are branded a racist or worse.  These fools are playing a very dangerous game with our rights and freedoms and may soon push us over the edge in their misguided efforts to chase "diversity."   The truth is being eliminated by careful manipulation of events, news and information and the so called "American Press'" is complicit in this disaster.  Instead of reporting the facts, the press has for the first time in our history, taken sides and in effect, made themselves of no use to us, other than as tools. 

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