Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, Primary Day is behind us and it appears encouraging that some housecleaning has been done by the voters.  Particularly here in PA as the Democrats "dumped" Single Bullet Specter.  Looks like that missile took one too many turns.  Joe Sestak who was nominated by the Democrats  appears to sound like a different kind of politician. (But hey don't they all when they are running)  I'm going to withhold opinion on him until I have more opportunity to check him out.  He will be running against the Republican Pat Toomey another guy I've got to investigate more closely.    As an Independent voter in PA, where we have a closed primary (which really sucks), I am not able to vote for anyone in May but I will certainly be involved come November.  At this point I'm thinking "anyone" is better than what we have now.  Specter, was a political opportunist, who changed his party affiliation only because he knew the Republicans were not going to nominate him.  Geez, the guy is 80 years old, has had every major medical malady know to man and yet he want to go back to DC for six more years.  Really Arlen, it's time to go out to the pasture and smell the cow chips.  The lifetime politicians just don't know when enough is enough.  I don't care how many wonderful things you did in your career, it's time to move on.  How many of these drooling, diaper wearing old farts do we need in Congress?  After 30 years of your guiding the ship of state our country should be Nirvana by now.  Is it?  I don't think so!
What gets me is how some of my fellow citizens can vote for some of the clowns they do.  People like Bill DeWeese, an indicted State Rep gets the nomination and Murtha Stooge, Mark Critz is able to win out as well.  I'm sure the people of the Johnstown PA area are so addicted to the pork that Murtha brought in, that they are just hoping this lapdog can do the same thing.  Everyone bitches about wasteful spending unless the waste is spent in their area, then, I guess it's OK?   Greedy localized self interest trumps caring about the country and the Constitution.   Well we all know that once the November election is over the cycle will repeat itself again.  The politicians will go back to 'F**king us over again.   Everyone will have a job as promised, taxes will be significantly lowered and we will all live happily ever after.  Yeah right, in your dreams!

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