Friday, July 20, 2012


Better to Pack and Not Need To
For all the criticism leveled against George Zimmerman for his actions against Trayvon Martin it sure would have been nice to have a George Zimmerman type at that theater in Colorado wouldn't it?  Tell me I'm not right, especially if you were a victim or the friend or family member of one.  As a result of this we will all be looking over our shoulder the next time we go to a movie and we will probably be walking through metal detectors at the theater in the very near future.   Because of the Zimmerman story there is so much criticism in the media against the Stand Your Ground Laws and guns in general.  Every time something like this happens we get this same response.    A number of talking heads on TV will be calling for  gun control or an outright ban on guns, as well as, the repeal of the Stand Your Ground Laws.  Most likely it will be those with the same liberal mentality that put us in this situation in the first place.  We continue to reap the "dividends" of the mindless liberal agenda we have been following over the last 40 years or so.
Regardless, it sure would have been great if a few of the moviegoers would have been packing and been able to return fire at that douche-bag murderer when he tossed those canisters into the audience.  To see a cell phone video of some citizenry in the theater firing back would have been great!  Too bad that once again,  INNOCENT people are caught unarmed in a life or death situation.  If only we were sure this guy will be fried but, we all know better.   His rights will take precedent over the victims.  We know how this works already in America.  Lawyers, trials, appeals etc. etc. etc.  He'll be around another fifty years.  Now that is a crime.

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