Thursday, July 12, 2012


Seems like just yesterday I was listening to these guys on a worn 45 at my buddy's house.  Playing the music over and over till the needle was worn.  Same with the Beach Boys, who indecently are also celebrating 50 years.
Whatever you think of their music you have to appreciate their longevity and their ability to stick together all these years.  
Perhaps the most impressive thing about them when you think about it, is how their history is a reflection of my history as well.  I can remember periods of my life along with the music of these bands and many others. The events of the 60's, and 70's are in my mind, melded together with the music of my generation. 
I remember having an AM/FM transistor radio pushed up against my ear and listening to some of the local "cool" music stations and DJ's.  The events of this era will forever be etched in my memory, as will the music of the Stones.   What a time it was!

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