Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well it's nearly that time of the year again when political campaigning is getting started, the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, temperatures rise and the candidates begin their never ending stream of lies, half truths and making promises they will surely break.  The ads here in the Pittsburgh area are just beginning and one can't help but be amazed that these dufusses are looking at us with a straight face and saying things to us that we have to know are not true.  Promises like cutting taxes, spending less money, balancing the budget, finding money for every social and political program there is, cutting taxes, improving public education, stopping illegal immigration, stopping the wars and, oh yeah, did I mention cutting taxes?  
Evidently, we the majority of Americans must have idiot stamped on our foreheads because we fall for this same line every election.  It couldn't get any more idiotic if someone was making up a story.  It seems that no matter how many times we go through this, we can't help ourselves and continue to vote these idiots in.  It's like, Groundhog Day meets Titanic.  So take leave of your senses America, forget everything that's happened in the past six months and just vote for the same guy or gal you did last time......OR NOT!!!

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