Saturday, April 10, 2010


The greatness of any President is directly proportional to the amount of long term damage he leaves behind at the end of his term.  
Throughout our history we have had a number of Presidents whose level of damage was quite extensive and destructive to our country.  Richard Nixon left us with a major Constitutional Crisis with the Watergate Scandal.  Jimmy Carter left us with massive inflation and a hostage crisis.  Lyndon Johnson left with the nation embroiled in a bitter and divisive war in Vietnam and George Bush departed with two wars in progress.  I suppose it's inevitable that there will always be some unfinished business at the end of an administration but, just how damaging the trail of destruction is should certainly enter into those water cooler discussions of who the greatest (and worst) Presidents were. 
Perhaps the most frightening thing regarding the current President is the great potential he has established for leaving behind the most crippled America ever.  Including  just  the unbelievable debt his administration is piling up,  is enough to put him near the top of the list of most damaging Presidents.  However when you add in the weakening of our military, nuclear response capabilities and the historic turn toward Socialism, he will certainly claim the title of the most destructive President in American History.  What a very sad thing to watch and to have to live through. 

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