Monday, August 10, 2009


Forty years ago we were taught that George Orwell’s novel 1984 was fiction. Today this may no longer be true. As the government methodically expands its power and ability to pry into every aspect of our lives, we are dangerously close to making his vision a reality. There is little privacy left to us as the government now stands on our doorstep ready to put a lens into the keyhole, to make sure we are not inside smoking, paddling our children, or perhaps even praying to the wrong God.
Remember when you could make a phone call that wasn’t being, “recorded for quality assurance?” Can you recall the last time you went to a store that wasn’t filming your every move? Now when you go to the airport you can be eye scanned, fingerprinted and x-rayed right down to that little mole on your thigh. Mom’s old adage that you should always wear clean underwear really matters now.
Politicians continue to make more laws allowing this unending invasion into the privacy of individual citizens, while refusing to consider making any laws limiting their power, or their time in office. They continue to ignore the safeguards already provided in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Instead they use as their ploy, the nonsensical notion that it is a “Living Document” which can be formed and molded based on their whims and needs, instead of what it was intended to be, namely a firm set of rules by which to run a nation.
All of this while too many Americans are content to sit idly by preferring to bicker over which political party is better and which career politician is bringing in the most pork for them. Now that we have developed a mindset and a generation of citizens who are so totally dependent on government “doing” everything for them we have become like the oysters following the walrus. Expect these losses of liberty and freedom to continue and look for Orwell’s book to be moved to the non-fiction shelf, right next to, “The Fall of the Roman Empire.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It used to be safe to take for granted that information coming from the media, politicians and business sources was credible and truthful. That isn’t the case any longer. With the constant battling between the various media outlets and cut-throat competition among advertisers, it's getting more difficult to figure out what, is accurate.
Businesses and organizations have begun to push the envelope of credibility as well. The safest bet seems to be to doubt most information from all these sources.
My personal suggestions are; to those companies I call or who call me to conduct business, I no longer believe you are recording my call for quality assurance and to promote better service. I haven't seen any better service and I still can't understand most of your operators.
Attention politicians, I no longer believe in the word "sanctions". Please quit talking about them. We all know they don’t work! With your fifty years of sanctions against Cuba, they should have sunk into the Caribbean by now, yet Castro is still giving us the one finger salute. Yet you expect us to believe they will work against North Korea or Iran.
To the car dealers with your misleading ads, I don't believe you are going to sell me that brand new $20,000 car for $9,000, no matter how big the ad is. When I read your fine print I find I don't qualify for many of those numbers you are subtracting, and that part about the cash or trade of $6,000, kills the deal for me.
To all TV news people, you and your "Breaking News" about the cat in the tree or the pony getting loose, is a joke. You choose to get your stories out fast (and poorly) rather than accurately. Anyway, we know you steal most of your “news” from the print media. Then, there is the weatherman.........need I say

Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally some good news. Looks like Dan Rather is getting everything he deserves in his lawsuit against CBS. As you may recall ol' Dan was teed off because CBS canned his sorry behind because of his bout of story creating, instead of story reporting , regarding the military record of President George W. Bush. Seems it was more important to Dan to get some kind of story out to make Bush look bad. Since he was not one to let accuracy get in the way of some Breaking News, he decided to use some really bad "intell" and gave CBS quite the black eye. Well, what do they say about pigeons? Guess they are back roosting eh Danny?
Remember now, this guy was the replacement for the recently deceased Walter Cronkite, who more than likely got the job because of his nice hair, rather than his anchor desk skills. Since Dan had some pretty big shoes to fill and lacking the skill and believability of Walter, he decided to make up for it by developing the biggest Napoleon Complex in TV News History.
Realizing that his just "reporting" the news wasn't enough to feed this giant ego, it appears he decided somewhere along the way to just say stuff that sounded good, and blended with his political philosophy. When there aren't facts then make them up or go out to the crack house and find a source to quote. Where you can't verify then just mystify. Shuck and jive, duck and cover and dink and dunk, that's what this old news hound's sorry act became.
Now what a "pathetic" display as he tries to sue his way back to credibility. Forget it you Jackass, you lost that long ago. CBS gave you a free pass and a nice paycheck for 24 years and now being the cretin you are, your way of paying them back for putting up with your amateurish skills is to sue them. Ha ha, go away in the corner somewhere and disappear you washed up old geezer.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The state of Pennsylvania and its idiotic politicians from the Governor to the Legislature have gone a month without passing a budget. As a result of the efforts/or lack of, by these so called "public servants" state employees have gone without paychecks, schools can't develop budgets and state police have gone unpaid. In PA we have more idiots than our fair share, running state government. The governor is a sweaty jerk who only knows how to spend and spend then, tax to get more money to spend some more. A large group of legislators are no better. Finally, a small group of legislators are standing up and refusing to be bullied into voting for more spending legislation and a bloated budget. How long they can withstand the pressure and political threats no one knows. Our only defense is to vote all of them out of office.