Monday, April 29, 2013


I've been on hiatus for a good while now and at this time still can't find the motivation necessary to get back into writing on here on a more consistent basis.  I've always felt that to do this right, you have to be into it so you can write some quality stuff.  I hope if you come upon this post you will leave a comment or two to make your visit known.  Feel free to look back through the many previous posts and tell me what you think.  There may be a time down the road when I'll get back to this blog but, it's not going to be today.  


  1. Well we are sort of out here -- haha. Been a long time, Paladin. I don't blog here any longer. Have to post anon b/c can't find my password for BlogSpot.

    Trust all is well with you and yours.

    Mrs. AL

  2. Good to hear from you Mrs. Al. I am not doing much here anymore either. I think the election results did me in a bit but, I also have a couple other blogs I'm more involved with right now. Take care and pray for America.