Friday, September 16, 2011


1.   If abortion is legal, then why is someone that kills a pregnant woman charged with DOUBLE homicide?

2.  Why is it that when driving on the highways you hardly ever see a tractor trailer pulled over for speeding?

3.  Is China our best friend or our worst enemy?  

4.  Why do we waste time and money sending morons that can't talk, can barely read and don't know if their asshole is drilled or bored on a free ride to college just because they are athletic?  

5.  Why aren't yellow lights all timed the same length?

6.  Why do they keep referring to women as a MINORITY when they outnumber men in this country?

7.  How long should you wait for the driver in front of you to move before you hit your horn?

8.  Why do we keep minting pennies when it costs nearly two  cents to make one?

9.  Who is in charge of checking that all candidates for President meet the eligibility requirements listed in the Constitution?

10.  How long will it take this country to recover if President Obama is reelected?

11.  Why is it OK for black people to be racist?  
(In a related long into our future until the race card ceases to be effective?

12.  How much longer can public educations buffalo people into believing that their kids are learning something relevant,

13. Why do liberals fear the Tea Party so much if it is just made up of a bunch of old, white people?

14.  How much more hope and change can you stand?

15.  WTF happened to this country?

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