Friday, January 18, 2013

WASHINGTON D(espicable) C(harlatans)

The despicable actions of our so called leaders in Washington continue to escalate in their frequency and impact.
The damage that is being done to this country will be long standing, destructive and beyond our ability to fully  comprehend it in the present. 
Future generations will pay dearly for the stupidity and recklessness of both Democrat and Republican members of Congress, especially the leadership.  Most recently, the disgraceful handling of the so called, "fiscal cliff" by waiting until the very last minute to pass a bill no one had the opportunity to read, is beyond pathetic.  
The utter nonsense of dreaming up a buzzword and planting it into the heads of people, just a couple months prior, shows just how little these career hacks are concerned about the  good of the country or the Constitution for that matter.  Of course, why worry when the citizenry pays such little attention to much of anything that is going on and is better able to sing verbatim, the lyrics to a Korean rap song, than their own National Anthem.
The leaders of this country have lost it.  They are nothing more than dictators in suits and dresses who impose their version of America down the throats of the rest of us.  Talk about the 1%.  They are quite clever, and able to use a willing media, to continually pull the wool over the eyes of the populace.  How is it that any true Americans can support and defend the actions of any of these clowns.  Wake up Americans, you are in a dream world.  You are being fleeced time and again by these people.   Soon this American Governmental Ponzi Scheme will collapse on us. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I've really been resisting change for quite some time and pride myself in going against the grain.  Part of the reason is I hate to be manipulated, coerced or forced into doing something I don't want to do.  From the time I was young I always wanted to be doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing or what others expected. 
Lately, a lot of my resistance has been in the area of technology.  I'm  rebelling a great deal against "Smartphones" and TV services subscriptions, because I truly hate how they have pushed us into a corner and are forcing us to get in line with their products and practices.  Whether it's satellite television, forcing us into buying tons of channels I'll never watch or the cell phone companies that now make us buy mega-bytes of airtime , and pay a fee every month just to have access to the line.  I'm really tired of it. It would be very easy to just fall in line with what is going on but, I'm holding out.  We are stooges, easily manipulated and led around by the ring in our noses and it just pisses me off.  So screw you Verizon, AT&T, Direct TV,  Dish and all the rest.